About Us

Let’s get charmed together!

Hortensia is an extraordinary flower and without a doubt – one of the most captivating flowers in the whole world. In our home, Hortensia is the most present of them all. Hortensia steals every look with its luring shades of pastels, graceful petals, and leaves evoking the precious feelings of beauty, home, and love.

While making designs for aprons, tablecloths, towels, bed linen, the utter beauty of Hortensia keeps inspiring us relentlessly.

Our garden is home not only to Hortensias. You can immerse yourself in the splendor of other beauties – roses, peonies, poppies, lilac... Our flower inspired textiles for home and kitchen will brighten up your kitchen experience and bring a festive mood to daily meal preparation and to your home interior.

Hortensias Home is a family business blooming in Riga, Latvia, Northern Europe. All of our goods are handmade with love and care, nurturing every detail and nuance.

At the very beginning, we were happy to give our handmade aprons and tablecloths as gifts to our friends and family. Their genuine and warm appreciation became our drive to move further. People all around the world cherish beauteous things that are made with the utmost care in mind to bring more beauty and love along everyone’s path...